Washing machine is making a whining noise when spinning?

A washing machine is a complex machine and it has different parts which can be the reason for whining noise when spinning. The first thing that you should go for is the motor. Mostly, wore motor is the reason behind the whining noise. There is a belt around the motor that protects it problem the outside environment. You need to get rid of it if you want to check the motor. Remove the belt and the washing machine. If the washer still makes some noise then the motor bearings are the reason behind your noise issues.

Washing machine is making a whining noise when spinning

Clothes and the winning noise

You need to change the motor bearings and other parts of the washing machine have nothing to do with the occurrence. Besides, cloth obstacles inside the washing machine can create whining noise. If you don’t load the washing machine in a proper manner then you are going to see these types of problems. Turn off the washing machine and check inside the washer’s drum and tube. Use a bright flashlight so that you can make sure that there are no scratches on the parts. If there are some then the obstacles are the reason for the whining.

Load the drum properly and get rid of the problem at total ease. On the other hand, grease is used on the bearings to have the washer in shape for a long period of time. As time passes, the grease can get thin and lead to the whining noise when the washing machine is spinning. You need to open up the washing machine and check out the interior spot to make sure that there is no grease thinning problem inside the washer. Replace them and the rubbing will be stopped. It will also solve the problem that you have with your washing machine.

Check the drum

The drum can also get rust or cracked too. Use your hand to spin the drum and check out there is any noise or not. If you find any noise while spinning then you should immediately replace the drum with a new one. There are a few reasons that can cause whining noise when the washing machine is spinning. Take expert’s help if you are not so familiar with the work. With time, this type of problem for washing machine start to arise so there is nothing to get panicked.

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