Are Microwave Eggs Safe?


Do you ever wake up late for the office and need a quick meal? If you are on the same path then you will understand how important these quick meals are for a busy life. A quick egg meal can provide you an excellent nutrition value but the problem is that you are not ready … Read more

How many microwaves are sold each year?

How many microwaves are sold each year? 1

Microwave introduces you to a new way of cooking. It allows you to save some time at your regular cooking work. Americans love microwave and a recent report shows that 90 percent of American home owns a microwave. One of the best things about the microwave is that they can last for a longer period … Read more

Will Microwave Kill Germs?

Will Microwave Kill Germs? 2

Microwave is very effective to save you some time in your busy life. It is something that has the ability to work with every type of cooking. The quality features included in premium microwave has made the work easier for you. As the development of microwave goes on, the expectation of the regular users also … Read more

Why Microwave Smells like Smoke

Why Microwave Smells like Smoke 3

Smelly microwave is a great problem for many of us. It often happens when you overcook or burnt something inside your microwave. We are human and we are known for our mistakes. So as far we are using microwaves then we are going to face this smoky smell problem. But there is good news that … Read more

Is Microwave Popcorn Fattening?

Is Microwave Popcorn Fattening? 4

Health is the most precious wealth of this world. There is nothing more important than your health. Food habit plays a vital role to keep your overall health in check. Life needs entertainment and we enjoy it in different ways. Sometimes, we want a movie with microwave popcorn in our hands. If it is happening … Read more

How much microwave radiation is dangerous?

How much microwave radiation is dangerous? 5

Microwave use radiation for completing the cooking process. There is no doubt that radiation is bad for your health but the point is that microwave radiation is not coming in contact with your body. It is being used to only heat up the foods and helps to prepare your meal in a quick session. Microwave … Read more

Who discovered Microwave Radiation?

Who discovered Microwave Radiation? 6

Microwave is used to heat your food in a short period of time. Microwave radiation does the heating work for you just like the sun. Without it, your microwave is nothing but useless. It causes vibration in the molecules of food which turned on the cooking process. There are many other uses of microwave radiation … Read more

Are microwave meals bad for you?

Are microwave meals bad for you? 7

We often use microwave oven to prepare our regular meals. It helps us to save some time and allow us to get a quick meal. But the question is that it is healthy for our health or not. It is important for you to know about it and take your decision whether you want to … Read more

What Does Microwave Do To Food?

What Does Microwave Do To Food? 8

Microwave has been in the cooking business for a very long period of time. All the premium quality microwaves have to ensure the safety of the microwave performance. You always need to go with the best so that you can enjoy the best without causing any problem to your health. If food got affected inside … Read more

Microwave Power Level Temperature

Microwave Power Level Temperature 9

When you are using a microwave, it is essential for you to know about every part of it. It will help you to increase the potential of better cooking with your microwave. The microwave comes with an average power level temperature which is set to 700-1000 watts in common. Most of the microwave recipes can … Read more