Is Dehumidifier water safe to drink?

Dehumidifier is an essential machine that has the ability to reduce your home air moisture level. The moisture which is received from the air turned into the water which is stored in the tank. This is the process of how the machine used to work.

You don’t buy it to drink water from it. But if you want to drink the water from the dehumidifier then you should keep some points in mind.

In this article, I will try to answer one of the most asked questions regarding the dehumidifier which is related to stored water in the dehumidifier water tank. It will provide you a guideline to stay fit and healthy.


Dehumidifier water drinkable or not?

Dehumidifier water stored in the water tank. If the water tank is not clean then there is no way that you should drink that water. So, you should clean up the tank from time to time if you have some plan consuming that water. If you have solved this problem successfully then there are many other problems that you are going to face.

The life span of the water also plays a key role whether it is safe or not. If the water stayed there for a long period of time then it is going to catch some bacteria which will not be so suitable for your health.

Besides, the water first goes throw the coil of the dehumidifier so it also needs to be hygienic. As the machine captures the water molecules from the air so the water is going to be clean and fresh. Water vapors are free from all types of germs and harmful minerals.

But the point is the hygienic point of the machine from inside. If everything is fine then you can easily have a glass of water from your dehumidifier water tank. A clean machine is the main root if you want to drink the dehumidifier water.

Did I drink my dehumidifier water?

A dehumidifier is not built to purify water for your drinking. I have never tried to drink that water. Water tank and coil can contain harmful bacteria that are not visible through the naked eye. Boiling is my way to purify water and dehumidifier does not do the water boiling part.

You should go with boiling water rather than the dehumidifier water. But I often used them to clean my regular dishes and cutleries. You should also do the same with your dishwasher water.        

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