How many microwaves are sold each year?

Microwave introduces you to a new way of cooking. It allows you to save some time at your regular cooking work. Americans love microwave and a recent report shows that 90 percent of American home owns a microwave. One of the best things about the microwave is that they can last for a longer period of time and you don’t need to change them every year. We are going to talk about the number of microwaves sold each year in this article. It will help you to understand the market of the microwave and what is the graph of sale.

How many microwaves are sold each year?

What is the picture of the yearly microwave sale?

The boom of microwave sale has started in the early ’20s. The graph for sale started to go high for many years. The best units of sale come in the year of 2004. At that time, innovative technology has been introduced to the microwaves. A premium quality microwave has the ability to be at your service for a longer period of time. The sale unit of microwave at that time is in millions.

As the microwaves start to last for a longer period of time so people started to buy fewer microwaves. For this reason, the microwave sales graph started to fall down. But the manufacturer has turned the picture by introducing new quality features to the microwaves.

In the last five years, the microwave industry has started to see a growth in sales for the microwaves. Last year, $3.7 billion worth of microwaves have been sold in the market. Countertop microwaves have been the first choice for most of the consumers. If you search for the most important home appliances in America then the microwave will easily get their position on the top five. As the quality of microwave continues to improve, the sale of microwave is going to reach further.

What are the public concerns about the microwave?

Nowadays, people are very much conscious about their health. The radiation which is emitted from the microwave is also one of the main reasons for their concern. Reduction in nutrition value and the risk of improper management is also alarming some problems with the microwave. But the good news is that microwave does not have the ability to make your food radioactive. You are going to enjoy a healthy meal just like the stovetop cooking. But make sure you keep yourself out from the microwave heat because it has the ability to burn you down like the foods inside it.     

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