Microwave Safe Symbols

People who are in a hurry need a microwave in their kitchen. It can help them to heat food and enjoy the meal in a short period of time. Besides, it can also help you with cooking foods. It has been the choice of the customers because it can complete the task in a short period of time. It is the new way to enjoy your meals and has the ability to replace old fashion cooking. For better use of the microwave, you need to know inside and out of this product. Microwave safe symbols are also necessary for you to know to get the best shot out of your microwave. I will narrate to you about every microwave safe symbols out there. Let’s jump and see what is up there.

What do the microwave safe symbols look like?

Do you ever look at your microwave and wonder what do all the signs mean for? They are nothing but the microwave safe symbols. They will help you to use the microwave in a proper manner. If you don’t have the accurate knowledge about these symbols, then the work becoming harder for you. These versatile symbols narrate the overall use of the microwave. You will know about the most commonly used microwave safe symbols down below.

Microwave Safe Symbols

Glass & Fork Microwave Safe Symbol

Glass and Fork here is representing your regular food. We use glass for drinking and forking to eat our meals. When you see these two signs in a dishwasher then it means that your microwave is good enough to come in contact with food. You can heat or cook food inside your microwave without nothing to worry about.

Wavy Lines Product Safe Symbol

You will need something to put your food inside the microwave. It can be the plate or any other form of a bowl. Before putting anything inside a microwave, it is better for you to look for this wavy lines symbol. Whenever you see this symbol then you know that it has no harm from a microwave. The product is entirely comfortable inside a microwave.

Plastic Bottle Cross Microwave Safe Symbols

The plastic bottle doesn’t have very solid bond among its materials. The boiling point of this thing is very low. It is not capable of taking heavy loads and can quickly burn inside a microwave. Plastic bottle cross symbols are warning to be careful about keeping any plastic inside a microwave. Avoid all types of plastic in inserting inside a microwave.

Wave Lines Cross Product Safe Symbols

As you see, the wave lines symbols in some of the products. You will also see some products which come with wave lines cross symbols. It is totally opposite to a wave lines symbols. It says that the [product is not comfortable inside a microwave. You should never put this kind of product inside a microwave because it creates some problems for you.

Wave Lines Oven Microwave Safe Symbols

Microwave use radiation for cooking the food. It exposes the food to the electromagnetic radiation and the heat done for the rest of the work. Some company uses only the wave lines symbol while others add an oven under the wave lines. You need to know that both the symbols are indicating that the thing is entirely microwaving safe.

Things That You Should Not Put Inside A Microwave

A microwave is a useful machine for your busy lifestyle. But unfortunately, it is not mean for everything. There are many things which you should never put inside a microwave. Putting these things inside a microwave can destroy the quality of a microwave. Some of them are mentioned in the down section so that you can use your microwave in an accurate manner.

Food inside an Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is not a healthy choice to put inside a microwave. The electromagnetic radiation will burn your foil paper into pieces. It can also burn at some point in the heat. Even a premium quality microwave can lose its functionality because of this mistake. So, it will be better for you if you did not put an aluminum foil inside a microwave.

Plastic Bags

All the plastic bags out there don’t have the ability to cope up with the radio waves. Some of them may have protection, which allows them to take on the heat. But regular plastic bag which comes with your foods is not capable of taking a microwave heat. They can also emit harmful gases under radio waves. It will cause a problem inside your microwave, so it is better for you to avoid them.

Mugs made of steel

The interior of your microwave is made up of metals. When you put a metal body inside it, then it can cause some friction because of the radio energy. If the mug comes with a microwave safe symbol then it is ok. Otherwise, it should never enter inside your dishwasher. Always keep them away from your microwaves.

All Types of T-shirt

You may think that a microwave generates heat so it can help you with drying a t-shirt. No, you need a dryer for that. It is not meant to dry your t-shirt. It does not come with this functionality to dry things. It will cause problem for both parties. It will be better for you if you avoid this thing so that you can use your microwave for a more extended period of time.

Hot Peppers

Hot peppers should be the worst thing that you can put inside a microwave. It is something that can even burn inside a microwave. Do you ever use peppers spray? Hot Peppers inside a microwave can even burn your eyes when you open it after the cook. Fire can also break out in your microwave which is not good news for you.

Foods inside a Styrofoam

The restaurant usually used Styrofoam to give you leftover food. You may think that you can heat them inside your microwave, but sorry you can’t. They will melt and release harmful chemicals all over the microwave. Even the food will be wasted. Washing a microwave is not an easy task especially when you have toxic chemicals inside it. It will be significant for you to avoid Styrofoam inside a microwave.

Surprising Items You Can Safely Put Inside A Microwave

You may be using your microwave to warm up your dinner. But you can do many other things with your microwave. It will be lost from your side if you don’t know about all this extra work that a microwave can do. I will try to tell you some of them so that you can do the perfect use of your premium quality microwave.

Bakery items with a mug

You can get some help from the microwave with your bakery items cooking. You will just need the perfect mug which is microwave safe. Make sure you check for the microwave safe symbol before putting it inside. Put the bakery items in the bottom section of the mug and placed inside the microwave and choose the running cycle according to your needs.

Boiling Vegetables

Well, boiling vegetables on fire is the old fashion thing. Now, you have the microwave which can help you even with boiling vegetables. Add some water in a bowl and put the vegetable inside it. Go with four cycles with each 5 minutes time. You will get quality cooking in a short period of time.

Steaming Vegetables

Steaming natural vegetables can also be done with a microwave. Cut all the large vegetables into pieces and put them inside a bowl. Wrap the upper part of the bowl in a proper manner, and you are ready to do the steaming inside a microwave.

Making Tea

Need some tea when you are in a hurry? Microwave is here to help you with this one too. You need to put all the ingredients in a microwave-safe cup and put it inside the radioactive warmer. Within a few minutes, you will enjoy a happy tea and ready to go for work.

Potato Chips

Do you love the crispy potato chips? If the answer is affirmative, then it is time for you to make some. You need to cut the potato into slices and add the chips masala. You can also check some recipes online, which will help you to get the perfect cooking. A microwave is capable of making crispy potato chips in a short period of time.

Boiled Potato

Potato can be enjoyed on your meal in different ways. Boiled potato can be turned into mashed potato which is very popular. You can also enjoy the boiled potato with salt and pepper. Microwave can boil your potatoes for all need within 3-5 minutes.

Final Words

Microwave is a very beneficial product for your kitchen which can help you in all sorts of work. Microwave safe symbols and many other things related to microwave is discussed here. It will help you to take proper care of your microwave. Make sure you always check for the microwave safe symbols whenever you put something inside a microwave. We always try to help you out by providing classified information about regular home appliances. You can share your valuable opinion and help us to grow. Thank you for being with us and keep updated. See wall oven with microwave above