Will Microwave Kill Germs?

Microwave is very effective to save you some time in your busy life. It is something that has the ability to work with every type of cooking. The quality features included in premium microwave has made the work easier for you. As the development of microwave goes on, the expectation of the regular users also reaches further. Killing germs of the foods are also in the expectation list. I am here to talk with you in this term so that you can know what you should expect from your microwave. It is time to unlock all the ability which can be introduced in your microwave.

Will Microwave Kill Germs?

How are bacteria and germs killed?

Bacteria and germs come in different shapes and forms. But the killing method of most of the germs is the same. Heat is their enemy and they can’t survive in extreme heat. Microwave doesn’t come with something special which can kill bacteria but the heat inside the microwave can do the work for you. Radio wave energy is generated inside the microwave by the help of the magnetron which is built within it. The metal interior makes sure that the wave reflects and heat up your food. As the heat is generating inside the microwave so it has the ability to kill the germs of your meals.

But you should use the heat in a proper manner so that you can eliminate all the odds from the germs. If you talk about liquid and solid foods then you should know that both of them absorb heat in different margins. Liquid starts to absorb the heat faster than the solid foods. That is why you should always cook the cold solid meal for a longer period of time. You also need to buy a microwave that can distribute the heat in equal proportion. Make sure that every part of the meal is heated well enough to kill all the germs that are sitting in there.

Can a dirty microwave kill germs?

The dirt which is stick to the wall of the microwave needs some cleaning from time to time. The interior wall of the microwave does not heat up enough to kill the bacteria that are living in there. You should do the cleaning at least once a month. You can buy the microwave cleaning agent from the shop or even can make it at home. It will not take much of your time and provide you a clean microwave in less than half an hour. Hygiene is the key when you want to stay free from all types of germs and bacteria.